2020 is has proved to be a difficult time for all people in the entertainment and film industry. Berlin Sci-fi Filmfest has worked hard to keep the festival alive and moving forward. The response from filmmakers, the media and sci-fi fans has been overwhelming. We commend everyone who keeps the area alive and believes in moving forward and aspiring to be creative.

Our thanks to Eric Steeper at XERB.TV for helping us produce a great online event.


Click the link above to view the winners and semi-finalist for 2020. You will alos find the Program and Awards Video for our XERB.TV experience.


This year has seen some wonderful articles in the media and we have had some fantastic topics on the subject of science fiction and science fact. Click MEDIA to find out more.

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1st Meet-up
Skype Meetup
Wrap Meet-up

A few grabs from the meet-ups and discussions held via jit.si and skype.