The Berlin Sci-Fi Filmfest will be showcasing the best of its 2017 Science Fiction film entries. From around the world and landing in a city that has in itself an “otherworldly” landscape and history. We want to celebrate this genre and its filmmakers who seek out new life and new civilizations, boldly going where no man has gone before.


Our first festival launches will be held on the 17th and 18th November 2017 in Germany's wonderful capital, Berlin. And we are pleased to be able to announce that the screenings will take place at Berlins' world famous Babylon. The cinema first opened in 1929 for silent movies, it had an orchestra pit and a cinema organ which is still used today.  It has three screening areas. The main theatre for 500 people and the smaller Salle 2 and 3 for 70 and 45 respectively. You can find out more here: BABYLON Wikipedia or on the BABYLON Website


Submissions deadline ended on 25th September and Notifications will take place by 30th September. Only Waiver Codes can now be accepted. Once selected details will be posted in SELECTED and will feature posters, synopsis and details.


Alexander Pfander  - Festival Director

I am a scriptwriter, director & creator of films and series, with a strong interest in storytelling and new world creating. My media experience includes editing and post-production and am the creator of the award winning Sci-fi Webseries, Mission Backup Earth.  I’m always looking for new adventures in the media world and as a Sci-Fi fan I want to connect filmmakers and audiences by showcasing work from around the world that celebrates the Sci-Fi genre. WEBSITE

Anthony Straeger - Associate Director & Head of Jury

I have been in the business for over 30 years, both as an actor and filmmaker. It's a joy to be part of the launch of this festival. I have a love of both Horror and Sci-Fi movies and with the development of technology it is truly astounding the quality that people are now producing on virtually no budgets. My first feature Call of the Hunter was a low budget, but relatively successful movie. Since then I have been involved in writing and producing a number of projects. WEBSITE

Jack O'Shea - Associate Director & Jury

Has worked in the film industry over a number of years and had the pleasure of working as the 1st AD on Mission Backup Earth, where I met Alex Pfander. Like everything undertaking building a festival like the BSFF is a long and hard one. But we believe we have put an excellent team together that will deliver an exciting weekends entertainment.


Reginald Grünenberg - PR and Jury

In 2002 I was CEO and co-founded the German company Audiantis where we  developed interactive streaming. In 2007  I opened its subsidiary Audiantis Japan K.K. in Tokyo. Recently a historical novel Shiboruto about a German physician who went to Japan in 1823 and introduced western sciences to the Japanese intellectuals. I am fascinated by science fiction and science fact.

Danting Chan - Assistant and Jury

I studied in Yunnan, China and from an early age wanted to become a film-making. At the age of 17 after a film teacher told me: “I could see your eyes shining when you first came into the classroom” I knew I had to make adventures. After 3 years working in Shanghai with a focus on visual creativity and films, I have now moved to Berlin, ready for new adventures and the Berlin Sci-Fi FilmFest is one of the them. WEBSITE


For our first festival we felt it was important not just to have industry professionals but Sci-fi Fans as members of the Jury. There are many hours of footage to sit through, digest and judge, it is not an easy process, but is one of the most important parts of the festival. To that ends we are grateful to Iwan Romanow and Irene Kelly for taking the time care and effort to help us make the selections.