AI in films - What is science, what is fiction?

The first panel will take place in KINO 2 in SESSION 1 starting at 13:30 (1:30pm), Friday to 15:30.  Attendees will have the opportunity to ask and discuss there opinions and experiences on the topics of A.I.

ABOUT THE PANEL: Artificial Intelligence has always played an outstanding role in science fiction films. Whether as “Robot Maria” in Metropolis, as board computer “HAL 9000” in 2001: A Space Odyssey or as world dominating “Skynet” in Terminator. Many topics in science fiction are also discussed in the real world by scientists, such as: Whether AI needs a body or whether it can exist ‘bodyless’ as a mere system. Is sci-fi too critical of technology and too quick to reveals a dark future in which humans end up being dominated by AI. So what is realistic from a scientific point of view and what is purely fiction? Might an AI like “Samantha” from the film Her ever leave us behind heartbroken or might machines abuse us as batteries in the future like in Matrix? With two experts in the field (who are also big sci-fi-fans), we want to explore the strange worlds of AI, and take our discussion where no-one has gone before.

Dr. Isabella Hermann - Moderator

Isabella Hermann is a political scientist by training and a science-fiction fan by passion. She holds a PhD in International Relations and talks and writes about how science-fiction interacts with world politics and mirrors societal challenges. In this sense, science-fiction shows us not only alternative futures, but makes us think about in what kind of future we want to live in. Isabella works as scientific coordinator of an interdisciplinary research group on artificial intelligence at Berlin-Brandenburg Academy of Sciences and Humanities. WEBSITE


Dr. Aleksandra Sowa - Panelist

Dr. Aleksandra Sowa is a certified data protection officer, Data Protection Auditor and IT Compliance Manager. She founded and managed together with the German cryptologist Hans Dobbertin the Horst Görtz Institut für Sicherheit in der Informationstechnik (Horst Görtz Institute for Information Security). Aleksandra Sowa is a lecturer, author of various books and specialist publications within Springer Verlag, essayist for the debate magazine The European (“Kryptomania”) and columnist of the magazine Frankfurter Hefte. At Dietz-Verlag she published recently Digital Politics. So verändert das Netz die Demokratie (Digital Politics. This is how the internet changes democracy).

Dr. Sven Schmeier - Panelist

Dr. Sven Schmeier is the Associate Head of the Language Technology Lab consisting of more than 30 researchers, engineers and consultants at different levels at the German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence (DFKI). He was and still is active in the seed phase of high tech companies, the newest being AITC Europe GmbH in 2018. Sven Schmeier studied Physics, Computer Science, and Artificial Intelligence and holds a PhD in Computational Linguistics. He has extensive experience in data mining and machine learning, human-computer dialog systems, information extraction, semantic search, big data analytics, question answering and mobile applications of NLP technologies.