Here at Berlin Sci-fi FilmFest we truly love the genre and celebrate Sci-fi and the filmmakers who dare to create, explore and boldly going where most haven’t gone before. This is our 3rd edition and we are looking for Action, Drama, Comedy, Animation, Experimental, Documentaries, Music, in fact all things Science Fiction. The festival is evolving, we are adding more events and attractions from our regular Cosplayers, through to workshops, Q&A sessions with filmmakers and book writer, Events and Exhibitions. Over a Friday and Saturday from Midday to midnight , we have something for every science fiction fan.

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Our first festival launched  on the 17th and 18th November 2017 at Berlins’ world famous Babylon Cinema. The cinema first opened in 1929 for silent movies, it had an orchestra pit and a cinema organ which is still used today.  It has three screening areas. The main theatre for 500 people and the smaller Salle 2 and 3 for 70 and 45 respectively.

Tickets can also be purchased through BABYLON BERLIN


Alexander Pfander  – Festival Director

I am a scriptwriter, director & creator of films and series, with a strong interest in storytelling and new world creating. My media experience includes editing and post-production and am the creator of the award winning Sci-fi Webseries, Mission Backup Earth.  I’m always looking for new adventures in the media world and as a Sci-fi fan I want to connect filmmakers and audiences by showcasing work from around the world that celebrates the Sci-fi genre. WEBSITE

Anthony Straeger – Festival Director 

I have been in the business for over 30 years, both as an actor, filmmaker and writer. With a passion for horror and sci-fi, I’ve written a number of feature scripts including: Between the Walls, which has been optioned in the UK and The Kamenka Experiment, which has won two screen writing festivals in the US. A recent co-write Fotoautomat Man is currently in post-production. It’s a joy to be part of Berlin Sci-fi Filmfest and truly believe we are building something for the future. WEBSITE


For our first festival we felt it was important not just to have industry professionals and members of the BSFF team, but Sci-fi Fans as members of the Jury. There are many hours of footage to sit through, digest and judge, it is not an easy process, but is one of the most important parts of the festival.

Jack O’Shea

Jack was one of the founders of the Berlin Sci-fi Filmfest and recently stepped aside due to extensive work commitments. WEBSITE


We are delighted and honored to have a great team of jurist ranging from Science & AI Specialists, through to filmmakers and Social Media Gurus.

Isabella Hermann:

Isabella Hermann is a political scientist by training and a science-fiction fan by passion. She holds a PhD in International Relations and talks and writes about how science-fiction interacts with world politics and mirrors societal challenges. In this sense, science-fiction shows us not only alternative futures, but makes us think about in what kind of future we want to live in. Isabella works as scientific coordinator of an interdisciplinary research group on artificial intelligence at Berlin-Brandenburg Academy of Sciences and Humanities at Popular Political Science.

Rick McLeod:

Rick McLeod is a director, writer, producer and sometimes actor, depending on his mood. He is also a BAFTA crew registered director of photography and cinematography and is currently attached to 2 independent European features as well as his own companies productions currently in development. Rick has no genres specific preferences, but is looking forward to viewing and being part of the berlin Sci-fi Filmfest Jury. Rick enjoys the creativity of film making with his company Celtic Storm Films.

Iwan Romanow:

Hails from the Ukraine, but has now resided in Berlin for several years. He has studied media and met Alex Pfander on the set of Mission Backup Earth where he was involved in the sound department and then subsequently worked with Anthony Straeger on his production of Fotoautomat Man. Iwan said: I love science fiction. Whether pure science fiction or fantasy, it is always one more book, one more film and as a science fiction addiction it is a wonderful way to relax.

Martha Sigargök-Martin:

Martha Sigargök-Martin, was born in France in 1981 and has been living in Germany for 18 years. She studied History and German Linguistics and started a blog, called marthasfilmcorner.com, two years ago, in which she reports about film festivals, indie films, series, and creative mindset. marthasfilmcorner.com 

Caprice Crawford:

Caprice Crawford is an American Talent Agent, producer and actress based in Berlin. She began working as a photographer, creating beautiful head shots for creative talents, including many celebrity actors. In addition to her photography work, she began working as a film producer and talent scout for new faces. Caprice has been running Crawford Talents International Agency since 2016 and is pleased to be the Panel Judge for BEST ACTOR & BEST ACTRESS and is awarding a total prize on behalf of the agency of 500 dollars.