AI Short Film Night

Science & Innovation Network Germany
Thursday, 21 March 2019 from 18:15 to 22:00 (CET) Berlin, Germany


About the Event
On 21 March the Science & Innovation team of the British Embassy Berlin together with Berlin Sci-fi Filmfest invite you to look at artificial intelligence through a filmmaker’s lens. Join us for a unique evening event with popcorn and Pimm’s, and featuring a number of AI short films that deal with the field of computer science that is already fundamentally influencing all areas of society and revolutionise them in the future.

  • What are the real and fictional implications of AI on society and our everyday lives?
  • Is science fiction a useful media to view the advances in AI or is it actually causing ‘Science Friction’?
  • Why are we prone to viewing the future of artificial intelligence in dystopian terms?
  • How close is modern technology to realising the visions of the future, previously only imagined in science fiction?

These and other questions will be debated in a panel discussion animated by experts from both science and the creative industry. As put in the UK’s long-running Science Fiction series Doctor Who: ‘When Two Worlds Collide, Anything Can Happen!’


  • 18:15 Admission (ID required)
  • 19:00-20:00 Sci-fi Short Film Screening
  • 20:00- 21:00 Panel Discussion
  • 21:00- 22:00 Reception

About the Panel
Prof David De Roure, Alan Turing Institute (London); University of Oxford
Dr Aleksandra Sowa, Horst Görtz Institute for Information Security
Willi Kubica, Film Director “The Galleries of Lost Trades”
Toby Willmott, Film Director “Happy Birthday”

Moderated by Dr Isabella Hermann, Berlin-Brandenburg Academy of Sciences and Humanities.

Additional Information

  • Please bring your ID/Passport for admission.
  • Vehicles of any kind as well as bicycles cannot be parked on the Embassy’s premises.
  • Registration closes on 17 March.
  • Tickets are free and available through:eventbrite