PANEL 1 - Augmented Reality, AI & the Singularity – Will the Future be a Sci-Fi Nightmare?

The first panel will take place on Friday, Afternoon at 14:30 in Kino 2 and attendees will have the opportunity to ask and discuss experiences on a wide range of topics from Topics: A.I, Robots, Cyborgs, Time Travel, Parallel Universes, Space Travel, Virtual Reality. Panelist to be confirmed shortly.

Reginald Grünenberg - Moderator

‘Reggie’ studied in Paris, Munich, Berlin and Tokyo and holds a PhD in political science, philosophy and history from the LMU Munich. He is also a philosopher, entrepreneur and writer-producer for cinema & TV. Reggie has published a number of non-fiction books, his first historical novel, the Nippon trilogy ‘The Discovery of the East Pole’ (German). He’s written a sci-fi feature movie screenplay ‘Nippon Park’ and TV drama series ‘$even $isters’. Recently he published ‘Laws of Singularity’, a scientific paper inspired by science fiction and philosophy.

Stephan Balzer

Stephan Balzer is an entrepreneur, innovator and an influential voice in the Pan-European innovation community. With over a decade of technology experience, Balzer founded Berlin’s idea incubation company, the red onion GmbH. He is also an ambassador for Europe by the American organization TED and organizes TEDx events in the 4 major German cities of Berlin, Hamburg, Munich and Frankfurt. In 2015 Balzer started a partnership with Singularity University (SU), a Silicon Valley based organization founded by Ray Kurzweil and Peter Diamandis and is now the SU Ambassador for Germany and head of Germany’s first SU Chapter in Berlin. Stephan Balzer is a frequent speaker on innovation and technology, an avid art collector passionate about culture, and active citizen initiating constructive discourse on global challenges facing society.

Carlos Margarido

Carlos Margarido would rather be called ‘terminal1’ in the context of Sci-fi. He studied marketing and often refers to it as the dark arts. He considers himself to be an entrepreneur and works in retail. His hobby along with filmmaking is talking – A lot!

Sven Haeberlein

Sven Haeberlein is one of the founders of and, both Berlin based Startups who are developing Virtual Reality content and a Virtual Reality Live Adventure. This unique Live Adventure allows you and your friends to share a 3D experience with extraordinary puzzles. You see, hear and move like you do in a traditional Escape Room but surpass the limits imposed by its real-life architecture.

Christopher Piazza

Christopher Piazza directed the sci-fi short film Olfactory, as well as numerous commercials, web series and music videos. Olfactory has screened at a dozen film festivals including the Philip K. Dick Sci-Fi festival, The Boston Sci-Fi Festival and The Sydney Indie Film Festival at it has won multiple awards. His next short film, Baby Won’t You Please Come Home is about a jazz singer stricken with Alzheimer’s and stars Michelle Hurst (Netflix’s “Orange is the New Black”) and Melanie Nicholls-King (HBO’s “The Wire”). It is currently in postproduction and will premiere in 2018.