PANEL 2 - Making Sci-fi Movies in Germany: Challenges & Perspectives

The second panel will take place in KINO 2 in SESSION 2 starting at 13:30, Saturday.  Attendees will have the opportunity to ask and discuss there opinions and experiences on the topics with our three young German filmmakers whose sci-fi films are at different stages of their career, between creation and exploitation.

ABOUT THE PANEL: We will discuss with them the challenges they had and still have to face in making a sci-fi genre film under specific German conditions, from writing, financing, casting and editing to getting a theatrical release, marketing and distribution. And there is a question: are we finally resuming a long-neglected tradition? The German Sci-fi ecosystem seems to undergo a major change – our Berlin Sci-fi Filmfest being a testimony to that – and we try to get some insights, practical tips and outlooks from pioneers in this field.

Reginald Grünenberg - Moderator

‘Reggie’ studied in Paris, Munich, Berlin and Tokyo and holds a PhD in political science, philosophy and history from the LMU Munich. He is also a philosopher, entrepreneur and writer-producer for cinema & TV. Reggie has published a number of non-fiction books, his first historical novel, the Nippon trilogy ‘The Discovery of the East Pole’ (German). He’s written a sci-fi feature movie screenplay ‘Nippon Park’ and TV drama series ‘$even $isters’. Recently he published ‘Laws of Singularity’, a scientific paper inspired by science fiction and philosophy.


Sebastian Hilger - Panelist

Is the director of Wir sind die Flut (CLICK HERE FOR TRAILER), released in 2016, a combined project of two film schools, and now on Amazon Prime.

Christian Pasquariello - Panelist​

Directed of Alien Invasion: S.U.M.1 (CLICK HERE FOR TRAILER, released in 2017; now on all major streaming platforms.


Daniel Raboldt - Panelist

Is the director of the Kickstarter-financed feature A Living Dog, (CLICKER HERE FOR TRAILER), release slated for early 2019. (WEBSITE)