The Berlin Sci-fi Filmfest is happy to announce it’s Semi-Finalist in each category. The two missing awards catagories are THE GRAND JURY and OUTSTANDING FILM AWARD. Plus AUTOMATIC ACCEPTANCE AWARD to The Dublin Sci-Fi Film Festival

Best Feature Film

Best Web Series

Best Fan Film

Best Animation

Occupants (USA)
The Capture (USA)
Somnus (UK)
How to Build a Time Machine (Canada)

Dear Mankind (Germany)
Like Them (USA)
The Ningyo (USA)
DUAM (France)

Stalled Trek: Prelude to Ax’d (USA)
Prelude to Axanar – Star Trek (USA)
The Secret of Tatooine – Star Wars (France)
Tears In The Rain/Blade Runner (South Africa)

The Jovian Project (Canada)
Cold Dark Mirror (Canada)
Purple Dreams (Turkey)

Best Action Short

Best Drama Short

Best Comedy

Best VFX

FTL (Canada)
Mars IV (France)
Metta Via (Canada)
Nano (USA)

Don’t Say Goodbye (USA)
Room 13 (China)
Panopticon (USA)
Olfactory (USA)

Ctrl-Z (UK)
María Fernanda in Time (Spain)
TSC Theseus (Germany)
Rococo Neuron (Japan)

FTL (Canada)
Mars IV (France)
Metta Via (Canada)
The Beyond (USA)