Virtual Reality Gaming

Virtual Reality Gaming with ViSP

10:00 – 18:00 – Saturday – Oval Room

ViSP is a creative building strategy game, designed and developed for the HTC Vive. The player constructs a unique space station, manages his resources and defends his structure against approaching enemies. 

The core building mechanic allows the player to freely expand his station by dragging blocks out of one another to quickly create complex and aesthetic structures.

By forming certain patterns out of blocks, the player can create modules which serve a specific gameplay purpose and give the spaceport a unique functionality.
The medium Virtual Reality enables the player to explore his creation from every angle and interact with it in an intuitive manner.

Overall, ViSP provides a relaxing and creative experience while building, but also strategic and challenging gameplay the further the player advances. 

Visper Games is a indie developer based in Berlin, consisting of Sandro Heuberger and Timo Falcke. They have studied Game Design in Berlin and are currently working on their first commercial release: ViSP. With this project, they managed to win some renowned video game awards in Germany and get funded by the Medienboard Berlin Brandenburg. 
With this debut title, Visper Games plans to expand the team and continue developing innovative, creative and highly polished VR games to enrich the medium and tread new paths for Virtual Reality.


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